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About The Intentional Leadership Institute (TILI)

TILI specializes in helping people and organizations to achieve long term success. TILI provides learning experiences.  This  improves business performance across all levels of  an organization. What this means is that the organization/person becomes a stronger and better competitor in the marketplace.


In our consulting, we help organizations discover the needs of their culture in order to zero in on the shifts they must make via a personal and customized approach. We then provide the processes and tools necessary to move a business into the best possible competitive position within the ever-changing business environment.

The Intentional Leadership Institute helps organizations and their individuals respond to the challenges resulting from:

  • Advanced Communication Technologies
  • Networked Businesses
  • Flattened Organizational Structure
  • Shorter Product Life Cycles
  • Increased Rates of Technological Change
  • Intensified Global Competition

Culture Shift

Culture Shift

Our change process enables organizations to break through the final barriers to effecting the paradigm shifts companies have struggled with, in varying degrees, for the past decade. The Intentional Leadership Institute provides learning experiences to build productive corporate cultures by creating a shift:

  • From training to learning
  • From product driven to customer experience driven
  • From quantity to total quality
  • From un-empowered to empowered employees
  • From short term focus to long term focus
  • From management by objectives to Intentional Leadership

We offer one consulting tool, seven learning experiences and four speaking topics. We also offer customized learning experiences. We have alliances with seven experienced consultants and facilitators.

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