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Intentional Technology

Intentional Technology

Intentional Technology is a structure, a system and a process that aligns thought and integrates action in particular disciplines. This, in turn, creates personal and organizational competencies. It is a  “how-to-think” technology as opposed to a “how-to” set of rules.

The Intentional Leadership Institute defines business technology as a framework.  This framework helps people organize principles and create systematic processes that help adults learn how to achieve measurable results.

We inspire people within the organization to think about what they think about. They engage in activities that challenge the status quo, their assumptions and traditional ways of resolving business dilemmas. They reflect on their experiences and apply what they learn to organizational issues. This learning technology integrates thought and action while producing leadership competencies. (A competency is defined as a group of related behaviors within a discipline, critical for the successful performance of a job, a task or an outcome.) This technology is at the root of our intellectual capital.

We purposely chose the word “intentional” to emphasize how important it is in today’s business environment to act with “intent” rather than to merely “react”. The word intentional means that a person will act on purpose and with clarity after he/she has formulated a mind set. It blends intellectual and emotional intelligence to create an output of benefit to others and self.


The Intentional Technology has the following components:

  • A unique set of concepts
  • An adult learning theory
  • A focus on leadership
  • A structure that organizes thinking to create patterns in order to make quick connections
  • A system that combines areas of thinking and action yielding a harmonious arrangement
  • A process that creates evolutionary and revolutionary change that continuously makes connections from the unit to the whole and vice versa

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